Not sure where to start with video marketing for your business?

There are several elements to successful video marketing for business. And filming and creating videos may not feel so comfortable when you’re just starting out.

Videos can absolutely be a powerful tool for generating a high Return On Investment as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Here’s your chance to obtain a free resource on what’s involved with business videos.

Two compelling statistics in a recent study by Social Media Week reveal:

1 – Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video, and

2 – 97% of video marketers reported that video helps users better understand their product or service, increasing sales.

The FIRST STEP is to decide on the PURPOSE of each of your business videos for marketing.

A purpose such as an educational or branding video?

video marketing can MEAN more quality and relevant content that is TARGETED TO YOUR AUDIENCE across multi-channels:

    • building brand awareness
    • increasing credibility
    • potentially attaining a higher reach
    • getting your products and services known
    • gaining cut-through to your audience
    • standing out from your competitors
    • better sales conversions
    • adapting videos for various marketing channels
    • providing more content for your marketing.

Next steps?

If you’re ready with your purpose, then it’s time to look at the next steps.

Getting CLEAR ON YOUR MESSAGING AND DELIVERY PLUS MORE ARE essential in video marketing
for business.

And if you’re feeling self-conscious about how you’ll come across on video, you’re not alone!

Business videos provide another opportunity to be creative in your marketing!


Access a Checklist of 10 must-have key points for Creating Business Videos.

This resource aims to get you on your way to reaching marketing objectives and mastering filming for many business videos.


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