Our Approach

Are You Set Up To Maximise Marketing For Your Business?


Deciding and implementing marketing within any organisation can prove challenging, and sometimes with many options, selecting a focus adds another element to the mix.


Our Approach to Your Business


FWD Focus develops marketing strategy and formulates marketing plans for the next period in business to achieve successful outcomes designed
for each client’s situation. We reflect on online and offline marketing as part of our overall evaluations.

Our focus is to make a real difference to your business and help you realise your business goals through our depth of experience, energy and out of the box thinking.

You have a choice in the way we work together. Regular consultancy sessions, marketing management (outsourced marketing) and handling one or more marketing services for your business are available options.



Marketing Your Business


A well thought out marketing plan means less risk,
higher cost-effectiveness, and better systems in
place, resulting in a clearer path and an increased
certainty of reaching your marketing goals.

As a business owner, it is easy for other areas to take
a higher priority from time to time. Many marketing
activities can be project managed by an external
marketing expert.



FWD Focus advises, guides and facilitates decisions on marketing for a client’s business and how to best execute the marketing plan for their situation and longer-term success.

Our team’s combined marketing skillsets mean we adapt and advise on marketing activities before, during and following implementation.

Our approach gives you the confidence to get marketing done for your business and keeps you on track to attain your goals.


FWD Focus Clients


Our clients include career-experienced and senior professionals, now business owners across varied industries. Some of the same clients seek our backing across their different businesses. Clients
operate under more local to Australia-wide, and global brands.

FWD Focus values guiding and supporting all clients on their marketing journey.

Some key industry focuses include:

    • the HR and marketing combination and employer branding, and People Journey
    • Health marketing, including Healthcare and Medical
    • marketing the professional services firm
    • unique real estate and property marketing ideas

FWD Focus Marketing Consulting and Services

    • Marketing Consulting

Strategise, plan, and revitalise marketing
tailored to your business to achieve business goals.


    • Market Research

Quantitative and qualitative market research informing
marketing and business decisions to boost results.


    • Marketing Management

We solve marketing problems with creative
thinking that delivers results for our clients.


    • Business Development

Outbound sales and lead generation, and other
growth improvement opportunities for business.


    • Content Marketing

Producing content for the right audience for your
different marketing channels.


    • Websites

Creating websites that drive engagement and conversion
through a seamless user experience.


    • Video Creation & Marketing

Helping clients grow their brand, leading to
increased profits and higher exposure.


    • SEO

Helping businesses improve their web presence and reach
their targeted audiences.


    • Social Media Marketing

From strategy to content and management, stay connected
to your target groups through social platforms.


    • Podcasts

Creating an immersive brand experience with the
power of audio for your consumers.


    • Brand Identity & Graphic Design

Strategy-based creation of visual identities to make
your brand stand out and shine.


About FWD Focus

Merging passion, experience and expertise in marketing, Founder and Director Jenny Benedek launched FWD Focus, an Australian owned marketing agency providing tailored consulting and service solutions.

Our team consists of skilled marketing experts, including helping SMBs and NFPs. We remain committed to building long-term strategic business partnerships with our clients.


The Founder

Jenny Benedek brings 25 years of marketing and business development experience gained in global to small organisations  and family-run and member-based organisations operating as a marketing professional service provider, performing in-house roles, owning another business, holding a past executive committee marketing position in the health sector, and managing teams. She is a member of The Research Society (Australia).

Jenny enjoys advising across diverse industries. Her experience spans legal, market research, technology, and other professional services; financial services; health, pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical; property and construction; film media production and
broadcast; insurance; HR and recruitment; education; travel and tourism; cultural and leisure organisations; not-for-profits; and government.

“We acknowledge clients appointing us over the longer term
to help their businesses advance over time. “