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We offer a range of marketing agency services key to business marketing. Services such as digital marketing and copywriting to market research, business development, websites, SEO, podcasts, brand identity, and graphic design.

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Marketing services
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Do you have a coordinated approach when it comes to your content for marketing?


Blogs and articles allow you to show and build your authority or market position.

In reality, producing blog or article content to achieve consistency can be challenging. We offer Packages to help and complement businesses with their blog and article workload.

Regular email newsletters providing relevant and valuable content are part of content marketing in many industries.

Additional copywriting services to support marketing objectives are also available.


Videos are an easy way for potential buyers to consume information and are a great tool for marketing.


So, you’d like to create videos for your business?

Videos used in various channels such as social media, website pages and blogs can be powerful in increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers.

FWD Focus provides scripting, concept, and creation including animation and narration.


Recent research shows that social media usage has magnified.


Given the amount of time spent on social media in our daily lives, this form of marketing should be considered or regularly adapted as part of a business’s marketing plan.

Our services include social media strategy, content and management.


Your branding and how it is seen for a consistent look for your business are paramount.


Brand identity and graphic design are across all elements of marketing communications, from your logo and branding to email signatures and website design.

Our services include logos, brand guidelines, and graphic design, such as web advertisements, signage, and capability statements.


Market research provides valuable insights for more informed business and marketing decisions.


Findings and insights from market research can help move your business forward in the right direction.

We provide both quantitative and qualitative research services, such as surveys and in-depth interviews.

Similarly, if you’d like help with finding out more about a target market, conducting a competitor review or other market research, we’d be happy to have a discussion with you.

Business development involves many aspects and is an area that tends to drain time and resources.


    • Struggling to make those outbound Lead Generation calls?
    • Just not getting to Business Writing for business opportunities and growth?
    • Time you are setting aside for Analysis and Reporting is not happening?
    • Need to hand over Ongoing Management of an integral stage of your business offering so you can focus on other aspects for further scaling up and expansion?

We manage both business development projects and business development on an ongoing basis specific to each client’s business growth goals.


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