Marketing Consulting

Focused Marketing Consulting

Marketing consulting for our clients assesses market positions and develops strategies to benefit businesses in the shorter and longer-term. As a business owner or manager, deciding and implementing marketing within any organisation can prove challenging.

In general, there is a range of possible marketing activities, and business situations are different!

Given that, adopting a mindset of marketing being an investment for your business will help move your business in the right direction.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

FWD Focus delivers focused and tailored marketing consulting to move your business forward in line with your overall business strategy. Our motivation is to facilitate a decision on marketing by business owners and managers designed for their business. And then plan with clients for marketing to happen for the best results.

After discussing the desired direction ahead for your business, formulating marketing goals, strategies and a plan to help get you there. Specifically, we keep your business’s bigger picture and future in mind.

Small and medium businesses with a marketing plan mean a clearer path towards maximising marketing and achieving goals.

Even with careful planning, we will suggest adjustments with implementation along the way. As well as regularly review marketing activities with our clients to assess and decide how to continue forward.


Marketing consulting

To achieve results and help your business advance, we offer a range of marketing services. FWD Focus.

Marketing Consultation Sessions


Regular marketing consulting sessions are available for more in-depth discussions. Decision-making in your overall workload will significantly improve, and marketing will be more top of mind due to regular consultations.

If you’re more active with marketing or feel you’d benefit from support with keeping marketing moving in your business, regular sessions may also be for you.

You’ll receive further business backing with a sounding board for that different independent perspective and critical thinking. In addition, recommendations on the ‘how’ to implement and keep you on track.

Get in touch if you’d like to take that next step with marketing consulting sessions.







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