How to power up your business marketing decisions without feeling overloaded

Commencing, building and maintaining business marketing can certainly have its challenges for any organisation.

Marketing is best considered an investment in your business and integrated as an ongoing part of your business planning.

When we talk about marketing, we know there are many factors to consider. The main areas include strategy, planning and execution for the next period and review and measure to plan for the next cycle. And, in addition, business situations are different!

We have grouped twenty-five questions to help businesses consider their marketing approach and marketing activities in progress. These questions aim to aid business owners and managers in their decisions to build an effective marketing plan that fuels business growth and achieves higher engagement with their clients and customers for a sustainable future.

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As a business owner or manager,

to further develop marketing

you might be at a point where you’d like to:

    • construct a marketing plan for the next period
    • introduce a new marketing activity
    • make any tweaks to marketing elements in place
    • conduct a review of your business of good practice as part of your marketing plan
    • check in on marketing progress
    • chart internal and external resources available to achieve your desired marketing outcomes
    • explore marketing consulting or marketing support as you now feel you may be ready to go ahead and engage a provider
    • and more.


is designed to be

 a helpful business reference guide

in any marketing planning phase and

at any stage of business.

And for use as part of your ongoing marketing.

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