The First Step: Deciding to Outsource Marketing Projects

Outsourcing your marketing projects can feel different as a business owner. It only feels like yesterday when I decided to outsource my very first marketing project.

The first outsourced marketing project I sought help with was for an experienced copywriter to edit an ebook I had prepared on B2B sales to support SMBs.

With some hesitation, I decided to have a fresh set of eyes review the content before uploading the ebook to ensure a higher-quality result.


Who to Engage for Your Outsourced Marketing Projects?

Thus began my research for potential copywriters to engage in this project. I was not overly in favour of a one-hit wonder; I was looking to work with someone with the view of a longer-term relationship where the individual would work for future client projects and my business marketing projects.

I can still remember those mixed feelings.

Number one, I was outsourcing a marketing project for someone outside the business to work on from their perspective.

And number two, realising someone I didn’t know would be closely reviewing what I had writen!


Growing and Partnering Together

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only did she do a fabulous job on the mini-project, but also working on different projects. I realised she was beginning to make an invaluable contribution. Both to the growth of my business and as part of our team.

Earlier, when we were working out the details of a new project, she had once said,


“Wild ideas Jenny, wild ideas. Throw them in the air, one is bound to hit the ground, and we can work with it!”


That was several years ago.

This copywriter’s role has evolved with us over time. We’ve collaborated on many projects or ongoing work together. She brings great energy, enjoys brainstorming, and significantly contributes to our clients’ and FWD Focus’s marketing journeys.


3 Tips for Successful Outcomes on Outsourced Marketing Projects

Below I share three essential tips that ensured a successful outsourcing experience for me. They, too, can for your marketing projects.

TIP 1 – Clarify what you want to achieve and what tasks or responsibilities you want to delegate. This will go towards choosing the right partners, setting clear expectations, and avoiding misunderstandings or conflicts.

TIP 2 – Establish clear communication channels and protocols with your outsourcing partners. Provide them with detailed instructions, feedback, and guidance throughout the project.

TIP 3 – Manage your project proactively. Monitor the progress of the project regularly, track the performance and promptly address any issues or risks. This will avoid surprises or delays.

Outsourcing your marketing can prove positive for quality work performed to:

  • advance your business and
  • relieve your workload as a business owner or leader.

Suppose you have previously had a not-so-positive experience. In that case, this story may cause you to consider a return to outsourcing your marketing projects.

If FWD Focus can provide marketing strategy and planning for your organisation or support with projects –

  • your first outsourced marketing venture
  • a new initiative or
  • finalising a project to the completion stage

get in touch.


About the Author

Jenny Benedek | Marketing Consultant | Founder & Director | FWD Focus