Participation is an important consideration when carrying out market research.

Market research as part of your Marketing Plan helps a business by providing important insights for more informed marketing and business decisions. More specifically, market research helps understand target markets, and the appeal of your offering as well as gain feedback for continuous improvement or to test a new market, for example.


Recruitment for participation in market research

A recent Forbes article mentioned an Australian study. Although the focus was on maximising online survey participation, several points raised can be applied to other forms of market research. Some of these points include:

    • the survey length
    • how interested the participant is in the topic
    • sending personal invitations to finish the survey
    • survey reminders
    • questionnaire design
    • the level of trust in or a relationship with the organisation conducting the survey

The approach to market research participation is crucial to lead to a higher level of response rates. This way, diverse viewpoints will be expressed more freely. Moreover, this applies no matter the type of research – surveys, user experience, interviews, intercept interviews, omnibus, focus groups, mystery shopping or social media sentiment analysis.

Using inclusive language

Designing inclusive surveys will assist in evoking that “human element” and societal changes and different generations, making participants more likely to participate.

Do not undervalue market research participants

If you provide a lengthy survey, consider the time needed by the participant. The time a participant has taken out of their busy schedule should be compensated accordingly. You want your participants to go through the questions and provide thoughtful answers. Rather than them bulldozing through the questions in a short time. As a result, richer findings will benefit your organisation.

Feedback or report

You may be able to provide some feedback or document on the topic researched at an individual or overall level.

Not just a number

Value the participants and be engaged. Clearly explain how the market research is being carried out, and why the information received will be so valuable.

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