Are you promoting the value proposition that you offer to your current clients? I know this is likely
front of mind in your marketing and sales to obtain new clients. But have you thought about
continually reinforcing your value to your current clients?

Often, we don’t stay in the mindset of “selling” to our current clients because we feel that we’ve
already won them over. New clients experience a brief onboarding process and then the product or
service provision. And that can often be where we leave it.

To remain competitive in the market and create super happy clients (who doesn’t want that?), we
must develop ways to offer and demonstrate ongoing value. Ongoing value occurs throughout the working relationship with your client. I want to discuss the value over and above what you already deliver through products or services.

This idea of “additional” value could be something you have not considered before. There are many
ways that you can add more value – increase your value proposition – to your current clients.

Below I include some coaching questions to help you reflect on how you could add more value to your own clients:


What additional services can you provide as part of your value proposition for your clients?

Quite simply, what do your clients need help with that you’re not already helping them with? These
could be additional services that complement what you already do. Or, it could be services that you offer from another business that is in partnership with you.

The more you can offer your clients, the more value you can deliver.


How systematic is your client onboarding process to increase your value proposition and trust?

When you take on a new client, do you have a specific system that you implement each time? The onboarding process should be a sequence of events you execute with every new client.
Communication about onboarding should occur with the client, so they know what to expect. An
onboarding system will generate consistent outcomes and develop trust with the client. Consistency and organisation also promote the feeling to your client that you have it under control.

Simply by having such a system in place, you can immediately boost your value proposition and build your relationship with your client.


How often do you communicate with your clients, and how, to build

your value proposition?

Apart from the delivery of your product or service, how often are you communicating with your
clients? You can offer more value by regularly sharing through a newsletter, social media and events.

This communication is not about selling but helping your client. Articles that are relevant and helpful to your clients will add to your value proposition and keep you and your expertise top-of-mind.


About the Author

Clare Harris, The Solopreneur Coach.
Clare is a Certified Coach with 20+ years of experience working in and managing SMEs.

The Solopreneur Coach provides Coaching support to service business owners throughout their
business journey.