A chosen marketing path can have some parallels and similarities with snooker. Let’s briefly look at marketing execution against the game of snooker.

The first step

With practice and experience, the aim of the first shot – the “break” – in snooker is not to leave a shot on for your opponent. Then, your next shot to pot a ball and start building a break to win the frame and ultimately the match.
First, marketing goals and strategies are determined for the business. A decision on marketing goals and strategies provide direction suited to market and business position.

Deciding on tactics for marketing execution and snooker frame

Early on in a snooker game, a decision is made on what shots to take to get the highest break possible, up to a maximum 147 break. Sometimes decisions are made in seconds to map out a frame, especially by professional players. And there can be different avenues or selection of shots to get there.

In marketing, there is likely a considered approach to deciding on the course for implementing marketing. At times action or a response is needed quickly. Again, there can be different combinations of marketing undertaken. And it’s best to set out a marketing plan for you and your team to ‘see’ and refer to throughout the period. Often decisions can rely on factors such as:

    • Readiness of products/services
    • People
    • Budget
    • Processes
    • Expertise and experience
    • Timing

Marketing execution and snooker adjustments along the way

As with snooker safety play for a better position to get ahead, adjustments in implementing marketing activities may be required for more positive results. This could be due to internal or external factors such as a competitor. It is key to keep up energy with marketing execution.

The end of the marketing plan period and snooker match

Like with other sports, generally a snooker professional and his team will examine his play post-match for any improvements and feedback.

Similarly, at the end of the period of a marketing plan, you should put a review in place – what worked well and not so well – for the way forward.

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