Social media is a powerful marketing tool adopted by real estate companies offering instant visibility and helping the company to stand out in your local competitive market. Social media also generates engagement and social proof.

We look at approaches for real estate agencies to remain competitive, noticeable and relevant through social media.


Here is a checklist for real estate agency social media

    • Research the best social media platform for your real estate agency based on your target audience. The research will help you determine whether you should focus on real estate marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or all of them.
    • Invite friends, family, and business professionals you know. Once you have decided on the platform, you can invite targeted groups to like and share the content on your chosen social media platform.
    • Add social follow buttons on your website. Using the best practice in user experience, ensure the buttons are displayed prominently for users to gain easy access to your social media platforms.
    • Add videos. Instead of just static images, use walkthroughs and create personalised videos targeted to your audience.
    • Create contests to generate leads. When you encourage engagement on your posts, you will increase your social media presence by creating more traffic and leading people to your website.
    • Offer quality content and testimonials. Professionally taken photos of properties always look amazing, along with a fantastic listing copy. Create video testimonials. They are more personalised and far more relatable for someone buying or selling a home.
    • Add articles on LinkedIn. Top real estate companies create great articles about the current trends in the local market they serve.
    • Participate in social media groups and be actively involved. Someone may have posted a comment about styling a property. You can offer some valuable tips too and value to that post. The idea is to be seen and heard and lead prospective homebuyers and sellers to your website.
    • Consider advertising to targeted audiences and retargeting them. Research advertising and the best value you can get from the targeted advertising.

Here are more ideas for lead generation on social media by real estate agencies

    • Highlight the property’s local area, such as restaurants, cafes, schools, parks, and other businesses.
    • If you have received a prestigious industry award or recently acquired professional qualifications, showcase it – and show personality.
    • If you have a business partner or several business partners, mention in your posts the outstanding service and products services they offer that complement your business.
    • Decide on ways to cater to different audiences in your market area.
    • Include images and videos of you and perhaps your pets – pets are a significant draw on social media, and you can cleverly weave real estate marketing hashtags into your posts.

If you would like to create a real estate social media strategy for your agency, do reach out to us. FWD Focus also offers copywriting, market research, websites, SEO, brand identity, video marketing and graphic design to the property industry.