How you engage your customers matters – what do you do to retain them after acquiring them? Where does your business stand in a competitive environment, where consumers are constantly flooded with offers and the best deals, shown case studies and videos of success?

Why is customer experience important, and that too a positive one? A recent Alida Study [1] reported that negative social reviews are why 61% of consumers would avoid a brand.

Engage your customers

So, it has become even more relevant than ever to craft your online marketing strategy such that you can engage your customers. And then customer advocacy marketing allows your customers to build your brand’s trust and awareness with existing and new customers.

Customer engagement involves customer interaction through multiple channels, from the first point of contact to post-purchase. One important key in an online marketing strategy for customer engagement is personalisation. You want to demonstrate your dedication to your customers’ needs by timely delivering relevant content with a personalised element.

Social proof

Customers also look for social proof examples.


From a marketing perspective, social proof is when people look for reviews and recommendations of how other consumers have used the service or product.


Engage customers in your digital marketing

Your marketing can engage customers through several channels: email, social media, testimonials, case studies, newsletters and more.

Your business can share your customer posts on your socials as long as it is relevant and relates to your business. You may want to consider paid marketing too. Many companies are active on social media and engage and contribute to conversations.

There are various channels to share social proof of your brand, and testing them to see where you are receiving the best leads and interactions is essential.

Brand advocacy is a great way to make your brand shine. What better example than a video testimonial from a happy client and displaying it on the front page of your website or through your social media channels. Other ways to use social proof in your marketing activities can include:

    • requesting a celebrity or industry expert to write a post on your social media channel,
    • collaborate with experts and ask them to join you for a live social media event,
    • show appreciation when a customer has given fabulous reviews for your brand,
    • share customer feedback, and
    • display testimonials and case studies prominently on your website.

Consider this question?

Are there other ways your customers can talk about you and your brand?


FWD Focus can help you build a robust marketing strategy to develop your brand advocacy – providing a rich customer experience for both new and existing customers. Please speak to us today.


1 The Alida 2021 Global Trends Report Customer Experience Study involving 5,300 participants across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and India.