Strong marketing copywriting is one of the essential elements in marketing.  The end result is to get people to act. So as to click on the chat button, fill in the contact us form or pick up the phone and call you.

Well-written content will invoke emotions in the reader, especially excitement about your brand or offering, and urgency and compel them to respond.

10 Top Copywriting Tips

With this in mind, below are the top ten copywriting tips for strong copywriting in marketing.

1 - Add Personality

Tell your story by adding other elements

As much as words are essential in copywriting in marketing, you can tell your story by adding other elements.  For instance, personality and sound authentic and intelligent to connect with the reader. Adding a personal story of the brand will help the reader understand it better.

2 - The Importance of Consistent Brand Voice and Tone

Make meaningful connections

A brand needs to make meaningful connections with its audience by choosing a consistent brand voice and tone to be heard and increase brand awareness. A notable change may be more formally announced via an email copywriting piece and be informative and welcoming.

3 - Avoid Being Too Salesy!

There is a balance between getting your message across and being too salesy.

When preparing a copy, put yourself in the shoes of the prospect. Where is the pain point, and what benefits can your brand offer? Use open-ended questions. Instead of asking, “Would you buy this product?” Ask, “How easy is it for you to find this product?”

4 - Think About Copy Layout

Think about the reader

Words need to attract. Regardless of the delivery platform, layout is particularly important so that the content is easily digestible to the reader.

5 - Copywriting and Graphic Design

Design and copy for impact

With copywriting spread across various social media channels and traditional marketing channels, it is crucial to get the balance right. There is no right or wrong method, but the design and the copy must complement each other to create impact. At times, one word on an image is enough to make someone sit up and pay attention.

6 - Highlighting Benefits of Your Brand

Addressing the pain points

As explained in point #3, ask your prospects where the pain point is and how your brand will benefit them. Go into as much detail as possible. Produce illustrations or infographics for a complicated offering. In this way label each part, talk of the benefits, or create videos to “show” rather than tell your prospects what you offer.

7 - SEO Copywriting

SEO considerations

SEO copywriting helps you target your customers by using compelling content that targets specific keywords. If done properly, the content is more likely to be shared on various social media platforms. And, as the content gains momentum, search engines will rank it higher on the search pages. Hiring an SEO copywriting services company is best if you do not have the expertise in-house. And for social media, check for relevant hashtags.

8 - Copywriting and Editing

Importance of editing

It is best to write it all out and then edit your content based on the type of marketing material you are preparing. Alternatively, suppose your business has various briefs and templates where the word count has already been pre-determined. That will save you time. But it does not mean that the content is still not reviewed and edited. These steps will ensure that only the most relevant content is presented.

9 - Proofreading and Review is an Absolute Must!

Grammar proof your copy

Even if you are the best copywriter in your team, proofreading and reviewing the content is non-negotiable. Get a colleague to read your work or leave the content for a day or two and come back and read it. People stop reading when content is poorly punctuated or has glaring grammar mistakes.

10 - Copywriting and CTA

The Call To Action

Never forget that strong copywriting in marketing has an end goal – CTA. You must provide avenues for your prospects to get in touch with you. If you are preparing brochures, consider creating QR tags. Or, if you are creating a newsletter for your subscribers, send a direct link to the relevant web page or landing page to purchase the product or service. Make sure you are reachable.

The Right Balance

In summary, a copy that has a balance of content addresses the pressure point of prospects, offers benefits, and engages authentically, is more likely to create trust and value. Hiring experts who can write copy suited for your targeted audience is advisable if you lack in-house copywriting skills.

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