What is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is defined as a bulletin issued periodically to the members of a society or other organisation. More specifically, email newsletters inform your audience of the latest news, tips, or updates about your service, product, or company.

Should I Start An Email Newsletter?

Some benefits

Generally, email newsletters can be beneficial for your business. By sending regular information to your customers, you demonstrate transparency, authority, and skill in crafting professional reports.

The benefits of this are clear. Creating an attractive image in the prospective buyer’s mind may cause the decision-maker to look for information on this particular supplier first. (Relationship development and marketing communication: Andersen 2001)

Critical considerations

However, there are some factors to consider before starting an email newsletter. Firstly, one of these key considerations is whether you have the resources to continue a regular and consistent newsletter. While steps can be taken to speed up the process, for example, email newsletter templates, preparing regular and valuable updates for your audience can be time-consuming.

How To Create An Email Newsletter

Now that you have decided to start an email newsletter, you should consider the content and format of the publication. In particular, the content should include relevant quality content for your audience. Content can also be specific and include offers for your newsletter audience.

Types of email newsletters

Regarding format, according to digitalmarketer.com, there are 4 key types of email newsletters, each with its own unique benefits:

    • “Letter-from-the-editor” or “Featured Article” Style
    • “Link” or “Curated Content” Style
    • “Blog” Style
    • “Hustle” Style

Once you decide on content and style, the next step is email newsletter design. A very effective method of keeping consistency and professionalism in your publication is using email newsletter templates. These can be found by using quality email newsletter software. Some options include MailChimp or HubSpot.

Is Your Newsletter Standing Out?

The best email newsletters build subscriber lists through email newsletter sign-ups. Having a consistent reader base is an excellent way of keeping existing and potential customers updated with the goings-on of your business!

In summary

At the end of the day, email newsletters are a tool to help you achieve your goal of increasing sales and brand sentiment.

Therefore, monitoring and reviewing are one of the most important steps in achieving your goal. By setting metrics, you can evaluate what works for your customer base. There might be changes in the number of subscribers and expressions of interest in your services or products. This step then helps you keep striving towards your goals!

For more information about email marketing newsletters, FWD Focus is here to help.