We currently have a unique opportunity to be more social and increase business visibility in different ways.

Globally, we are facing unprecedented times. More locally, we are experiencing a time of great change in personal and business lives with an easing of COVID restrictions in Greater Sydney. As we emerge from our extended period of isolation, we appear again in the public eye. 

For example, imagine the young toddler not seeing family members or interacting with others their age for 18 months. Or the employee who works at home and spends too much time behind the desk. The current situation is that we are coming back to more regular face to face networking. Additionally, we are getting used to the number of people in the same space.

What is visibility in business?

Visibility in business refers to how easily your market can find your business, service or product. Therefore, an increase in the level of visibility of your business will increase the likelihood of attracting new clients and customers to your target market. Think about it, how can you grow your customer base if people can’t find you?

Ways to improve business visibility

Set out here are several ways to improve your business’s visibility and brand awareness.

Face to face

At the end of the day, we are social creatures, don’t you agree?

Face to face contact plays an essential role in business.

Therefore, as we emerge from our lockdowns, we must establish and maintain strong face to face relationships in the business environment. For example, regularly seeing your customers or where networking is more of a priority for your business. This could be with clients, business colleagues and meeting new prospects.

Social Media

Social media magnified

For many, social media is a massive part of our daily lives, and COVID has magnified this effect.

This is made evident through a recent study that found that consumers have increased their utilization of social media since COVID-19 to:

    • identify,
    • collect information on, and
    • evaluate products.

Indeed, business owners can take advantage of this by creating change or maintaining a solid social media presence across appropriate platforms. Overall, change may be writing more on specific points in your area of expertise or presenting yourself in a different yet still authentic way.


How does your website affect your visibility?

Your website is a go-to for potential buyers to view your products or services and gather a little more information on who you are as a business owner or business. Another opportunity to appeal to your audience in the main. Also, the ability to line up with your personality and what you stand for.

Moreover, regular tracking of the number of visitors and visitor behaviour contributes to any changes for improvement to the site and marketing decisions for more business.


Do your newsletters contribute to business visibility?

Newsletters are a great way to broadcast valuable and relevant information to clients and potential clients. These regular newsletters can create a sense of community and belonging among their readers. This community appeals to our social side. An aspirational reference group can also be created where people want to feel like members. Put another way; people want to be a part of your business culture!

As another touchpoint to increase enquiries, regular newsletters can also create more catch-ups. As a result, that range of important business relationships continues and develops.

Evolving visibility of business

The recent sudden changes in routine and any shifting of client needs, and delivery may have meant changes for you as a business owner. The ways you address these changes and evolve the visibility of your business are what sets you apart from the competition!

FWD Focus can help manage visibility marketing for your business through social media, newsletters, blogs, branding, and graphic design.